Online Examination
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These days the job creators or hiring organization are very specific about the quality of resources they do hire. In order to examine the individual quality and status these organization do analyzes performance of individual candidates as well as institutions. On the other hand even with skilled resources and academic excellence a number of institutions remain unreached by eminent job providers that ultimately cause the unemployebility of major skilled resources. The upgradation of resources and status of institutions needs a transparent platform where they can present their performance so as to attract job providers or even they could publish their real face and facts so that they might come on global front face. Considering these requirements, our organization Eduplexus provides a multi-dimensional and highly optimized platform where the global resources can be examined and their profile might be presented to job creators. These approaches do have immense capability for enhancement in personal as well as professional enrichment. On the other hand the corporate or hiring organizations can easily get the required resources after scanning or filtering their expected skilled resources. This platform would be world best and of course highly optimized system, that could benefit organizations to get their expected resources without suffering from any mammoth hiring procedures and can select resources globally with single click acknowledgement. The examination patterns to be conducted would be completely based on corporate standards and consideration and it would be carried with different skill sets so as to examine overall personal capability.

Some of the predominant services for Online Examination are as follows:

  • Regular aptitude test on the basis of corporate standards and specifications.
  • Examination and evaluation process every semester, so as to enhance the capability and of course the quality enrichment for individuals so as to come up in front queue.
  • Economical online examination for different branches with different specialization and skill sets.
  • Thorough analysis of results obtained.
  • Transparent candidate profiling based on Grades/marks obtained.
  • Group examination, if required.
  • Global profiling with standard parametric performances and achievements.
  • Extensive reports generation on the basis of corporate standards and institutional requirements.
  • Institutional as well as individual profiling and profile sharing among corporate clouds.
  • Eduplexus presents world’s first Common global platform for profile sharing for all institutions and individuals.
  • Free of cost online guidance and induction programs for quality optimization.
  • Eduplexus provides a world class platform to globalize your potential for letting you considered from your destination.
  • Eduplexus establishes itself as world best objective-oriented online assessment platform for K-12, entrance examinations, competative examinations, placement oriented examinations, etc.

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