Training and Internships
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Considering the requirements of a global platform that could globalize the training and internships brands with their real face and facts and to provide a platform where the information about those service providers could be explored, Eduplexus presents a platform to accomplish these objectives. Here with Eduplexus, you can globalize your name and services with best presentation and unique services delivery. Eduplexus makes your name reach upto the click of every computer mouse searching for your services. On the other hand, one can explore about the information of a particular training institutions and internship organization with their real face and facts and minimum effort and complexity.

Eduplexus can route your candidature to your specific internship provider and do specify your expectations and its optimum delivery.

Eduplexus represents numerous tutors and individual service providers who do posses the MoUs and understanding of services with Eduplexus, so as to deliver a risk free and genuine training and online tuition services. Eduplexus possess world first platform that do have personal as well as professional criterion based understanding with service providers like trainers and Tutors to deliver the best service in a risk free environment. Eduplexus commits to deliver the best services economically and even with enriched and monitored quality.

Some of the predominant services for Training and Internships are as follows:

  • World’s best platform for extracting the real face and facts of dominant training and internship providers
  • Eduplexus provides the best platform where your search for the best training and internship companies ends.
  • A place where you can explore about the best training service providers as per your specialization, location and finance.
  • Online platform for registering you to your desired training and internship organization.
  • Eduplexus facilitates world first platform for finding genuine and authorized (registered) online training and tuitions service providers.
  • World’s first platform providing authorization of online tutors as per their qualification, skills and specialization.
  • A sole platform which possess the MoUs with training and internship institutions and Tutors bureaus so that the quality of service and assurance of proposal could be monitored and facilitated with optimum solution.
  • Eduplexus represents the allied and authorized or certified service providers who commit to facilitate the best services in training/ internships and online tuitions without violating the customers’ expectations and regulatory protocols.
  • Eduplexus represents only those tutors which do have understanding with Eduplexus and do follow a strict protocol for quality service provisions with personal securities and authentication.

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